Rubie Yves Ignacio


Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Arts in Nursing.

Nurse Educator (Operating Theaters)

mommy blogger

Hi! I’m Rhai, a working mom, and now a mommy blogger

I am your newest mommy blogger who will take you with my journey as a working mommy and a mommy blogger.

I hope that you will be inspired and educated with my posts on different areas of working mom’s life, family, and dreams.

I am a registered nurse in the Philippines since 2007. In the same year, I started my career as an Operating Room Nurse specialized in Ophthalmology. Then I migrated to Qatar in 2009 to be with my mom, who was an OFW. I got my first Nursing Job in 2010 as an Operating Nurse in Qatar at Hamad Medical Corporation. I was thrilled with my job and enjoyed it.

I was favored to fulfill my ultimate dream before I even became a nurse, that is, to become a teacher. I became a nurse educator in 2015 and up to now enjoying my profession. I am a corporate nurse educator working on programs and classes for Operating Room Nurses, including foundation program for newly hired nurses, grand rounds, symposium, and unit-based activities that support the education and professional development of OR nurses in our organization.

I am a proud nurse, nurse educator, and a very much proud wife and a mother to my 3 Archangels, and now, a mommy blogger!

You will see much of My 3 Archangels named Miguel, Gabriel, and Raphael in my blog and social media posts. Their names also explain why our site name is “Archangels.com”. My children, and my loving husband Paolo are my driving force to continue doing something more

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