5 occasions to demand mandatory gift for mom

Gift ideas for mom

Hey momma, you are working so hard, and you deserve to treat yourself or have a treat from your family, especially “the Husband.” Yes, you can demand a mandatory gift for mom on these five occasions. A list of new gift ideas for mom is also right here!

I will share with you the gifts that I got from these special occasions since we started the tradition.

Additionally, I will list out some more gift ideas for mom that I wish to have on the next occasions that you can give to your mom, your wife, and you can request as well for yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any brands mentioned here.

Gift for mom

person s holds brown gift box
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Mommies do not often ask for anything in return. But let’s be real here, you can give, but you can get as well, right? Furthermore, getting something from the people special to you is something that brings positivity to you as a working mom.

It’s not that I am materialistic here, but you deserve it girl.

Say what you want momma

I guess it is the same as being open to what you want. Men are as easy as 1+1 is 2. If you say you don’t like it, they interpret that “as it is.”

Since I have 3 boys, I expect that they will really be like there dad. LOL!

Surprises are romantic, but we shouldn’t expect that all the time because we may end up being disappointed and hold a silent grudge in our hearts. So, if you want it, say it, momma.

Why demand gift for mom?

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Excuse me for using the word “demand,” I just want to get to the point of what I mean. But to make it gentler, yes, you can “request” for a gift on occasions you feel important to you.

Feeling of affirmation and appreciation

Receiving a gift gives you a feeling of affirmation and appreciation. Especially if you have wanted this gift, but you can’t just get it for yourself. Or, on the other hand, you want it, you can buy it, but you want someone else to give it to you.

Gifts that I am talking about here don’t only mean that it should always be extra expensive. Most of the time, I choose the most practical gifts that I can use in my work and at home. And we have to be considerate of a lot of factors such as the budget of the family.

Sometimes, I just wish for a food delivery of my favorite Japanese food. Again, it all depends on a budget of the family.  But the point is, think of “Something that will make you happy!” on the occasions special to you

Stess reliever

At this time of the pandemic, where anxiety is really high, getting something to get you inspired is necessary. Receiving a gift is a good stress reliever because it gives you a positive message and keeps you motivated.

It is a message saying “thank you for being there”. You mean a lot to us”.

Tradition in the family

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My husband is a practical person, and as I have said, it is 1 plus 1 is 2 for him. He would rarely perceive or read what we call “behind the lines.”

It has been a mutual agreement to both of us that there are five occasions that I can demand a working mom gift.  And it is a Mandatory gift! LOL=)

However, it’s not that I really demand, and he will buy whatever I want all the time. I can say what I want. Then, after that, he must look at the budget and the reasons for buying or doing it. If it is reasonable, affordable, and within the budget, it means “it’s a yes for him.”

It has become a lets say, “tradition” in our family

Additionally, since I am also a provider, I usually less prioritize buying for my self. So, I reserve my wishes to be granted on these special occasions. Ow, of course, my husband knows that.

In case you decide to have an agreement about requesting gifts on these special occasions with your husband, I advise that you always have to prepare priority lists 1, 2, 3 to 10. In case the first 3 options cannot be granted. LOL!

Be ready for my list later.

5 special occasions you can demand for gift?

I have listed here the five occasions that I request a gift from my husband. Of course, each person may have a different perception of the significance of each occasion. So it is you who will identify your list. But here is mine.=)


I reserve the best request for my birthday. I really wait for this month because I know he will grant my request, one way or another.

I don’t usually have a gathering on my birthday, so I request something extra special. So what did I have on my birthdays for the last eight years? Honestly, I cannot remember all, but I will try to remember some.

My birthday

Birthday gift ideas for mom

  • Iphone (2x upgrade)
  • Macbook Pro
  • Ipadpro+accessories
  • LV Neverfull bag
  • Hotel Staycation
  • Automatic washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Recently, handheld vacuum. I really enjoy and love it.

Looking at the list, these are the significant gifts that I have received, and that is because it’s my birthday, it’s my day!

I reviewed the pictures that I have and I realized that I don’t usually take pictures of those, well next time I will surely capture the moments.

gift ideas for mom
Birthday gift ideas

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is my favorite occasion because we get to celebrate motherhood itself. Mother’s day gift is more of a family thing, and we always have special dinner, in or out. It depends on the mood and the budget. I don’t usually get expensive gifts on this occasion, but I am sure that I am off from any household chores and cooking. I take advantage of relaxing.

Post duty surprise dinner

Mother’s day gift for mom

  • Bouquet + Japanese food ( Most of the time)
  • Chanel earing
  • Boracay trip
  • Pair of shoes
  • Wireless mouse
  • Banana Island Staycation
  • Electric Griller
  • This year, I got the Brydge iPad keyboard. I really requested it because I need it in studying and learning to blog.

Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is for him and me. I make sure that I also give him something special. Since this is the day that we celebrate our love and marriage, favorable gifts from him is a must.

Banana Island staycation
Wedding anniversary breakfast

wedding anniversary gift ideas

  • Gold earing. I would recommend gold earing because working mom can use it every day. And also, it is an investment.
  • Charriol Bracelet
  • Hotel Staycation
  • Flowers and dinner out (this is his to go gift idea)
  • Last year, I requested for videoke set. Whenever I am stressed, I want to sing, so I really love this gift. Looking forward to this year’s anniversary.

Christmas Day

Christmas day is a family thing, and we usually spend time with the extended family and friends.

It’s a time of giving. I don’t usually request on this occasion because it is somehow automatic that we will exchange gifts. But he asks me; I’m really much prepared for my list. LOL!

Christmas day gift ideas

  • Hotel staycation
  • Charriol Bracelet
  • Choice of shoes
  • Cash “yippee.”
  • Trip to Singapore + Sling bag. I highly recommend Singapore for a trip because there are endless places to go to. I have been there twice, and I would love to get back after the pandemic.

Valentines day

Valentines is to celebrate love, it is important for me because it represents relationship. Knowing that I am remembered on this day makes me feel that my husband appreciates the love that I give and the relationship that I have with him.

Valentines day gift ideas

  • Flowers and dinner out (Japanese Restaurant) My husband likes home food. He is not so much a fan of Japanese food, so most of the time, we only eat there for special occasions. So, I take advantage of Valentine’s day to eat my favorite Japanese food.
  • Set of Blazers
  • Pair of shoes
  • Charriol Bracelet
  • Hard Drive I recently got my hard drive on a valentines day, and it really made a difference. I can work from one desktop to another, carrying all my relevant documents with me.

Still, it is the thought that counts

If you notice, the gifts are also appropriate to the occasions. It’s a combination of my request and my husband’s idea. Not all gifts for mom are material things; most of the time, I request for a hotel stay or a restaurant dinner. Whatever it is that I receive on any of these occasions, I appreciate them all because it is the thought that counts

The gift may be small or big, expensive or not, I am thankful.

Memory is priceless

I also get to remember good memories of these occasions whenever I use the items and or see the pictures of them.

The memory of being remembered on these special occasions is priceless.

As working mothers, we have heavy loads of responsibilities and its okay to be treated well on these special occasions.

Celebrating motherhood through these special occasions is also one of the ways to balance life and work. Knowing that you are appreciated is very important.

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Gift Ideas for mom

Again, it’s not about demanding gifts, it’s about saying what can make you happy. And, it’s not a sin. Let me share with you Best Gift Ideas for hardworking mommies.

Great gift from moms that will make mommy happy

1. Iphone 12

Who doesn’t like the new version of the iPhone? I am looking forward to the release, and it is on my Christmas wish list.

2. Robot Vacuum.

For a busy mommy, a robot vacuum is a relief. And this robot can really help a lot. If you are living in Qatar, I recommend Xioami Store because the reviews are excellent, and it is affordable as well. It is also available in amazon.

3. Apple watch.

Apple watch is not only fashionable but is helpful for mommies on the go. If you are living in Qatar, I recommend going to Carrefour and Virgin Megastore because they have a wide variety of options on Apple watch and also other Apple products.

4. Indoor Plant.

It’s challenging to grow plants, but since the pandemic, a lot of mommies got addicted to growing plants. And, they can never have enough of it.

A lot of mommies also consider selling indoor plants as a side hustle, which is really good.

If you are living in Qatar, a friend makes personal indoor plant gift: https://www.facebook.com/kat.andrada.1

5. Shoe storage

Any type of shoe storage is welcome, but I am sure that Amazon has a wide variety of selection. If you are living in Qatar and you want to see it yourself, Visit IKEA store. I am not sure if it is only me, but Shoe Storage is always a good idea.

6. Nutricook Instant Pot

I have this already but I still included it in this list in case you missed it. It is life-changing since working mommies run after time. Having instant pot really helps.

7. Gold Necklace

Working mommies like to accessorize to work, also, gold necklace is also an investment.

8. Charriol Necklace /Bracelet

Charriol accessories are my favorite and my “to go” shop for gifts. If you are a staff of Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar, you get 45%-50% discount on all accessory items. Other discounts apply to bags and other apparel.

9. Diffuser + essential oil

Everyone is going insane with the diffuser and essential oils because of its relaxing benefits. If you are an HMC staff and would like to purchase, you can DM my friend here: https://www.facebook.com/karen.caranto.9

10. LV Sling bag

LV is always a good idea. It is expensive but is worth buying for for our super mommies in the house.

11. Her Favorite Perfume

Mommies have different preferences for perfumes, but I recommend the list on the link above. The first priority, Christian Dior blooming bouquet.

12. Cosmetic Ref.

Working mommies try to preserve the cosmetics. Having a mini-refrigerator for both cosmetics and skincare is something that they will be happy about. This product is available in amazon and Ali express.

Mommies love perfume because they can use it every day. Find my list of recommended perfumes here:

If you are living in Qatar, I have linked below an FB account where you can order indoor plants for mom. This is my first indoor plant and I really love it.


My first indoor plant

Pamper mommy!

Another gift idea that I would like to share with you is “trip to salon.” Working moms are too busy and also, to concious about the budget. Giving them a gift to treat themselves in a salon is a great idea.

If you are living in Qatar, I highly recommend Classic Moon Salon where they will be treated as princess.

Excellent customer service. 100% very clean, since the owner was an OR nurse, all items that you will use will undergo sterilization and thorough cleaning.

Opening of the salon in 2017 where I was pregnant
Hospitable staff of Classic Moon Salon

Book and appointment and visit them@: https://www.instagram.com/classic_moon_salon/


Mommies are not usually verbal about what they want. Very rare that they request things on special occasions. But you and I know that they are doing a great job and they deserve the best. They deserve to be appreciated in one way or another.

Receiving a gift is important because it gives mommies a feeling of appreciation and a sort of stress relief. So, they must receive gifts on occasions important occasions for them.

Birthday, mother’s day, wedding anniversary, Christmas Day, and Valentine’s day are special occasions that we can cheer them up. It may differ for different people, but the point is, you remember them.

In the end, it doesn’t need an occasion to give gifts to our moms since they are doing an outstanding job of caring for their families.

Cheers to all moms!

What is the best gift that you have received? What is the most important occasion that you celebrate as a family?

Share with us.

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