Why Homeschooling? Top 10 reasons from a working mom

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Have you not decided yet whether to homeschool or not? Maybe my reasons why homeschooling will help you decide

Hi, I’m Rhai, a mother of 3, a full-time nurse educator, and I have recently enrolled my sons in a homeschool provider for this school year. I wrote this article to share with you our top reasons why homeschooling is our preferred way of educating our children

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a concept and practice that existed hundreds of years ago. Our ancestors teach their children at home on a day-to-day basis and way of life. As the saying goes, “Your mother is your first teacher.”

Homeschooling had become even more accessible when the lockdown in different areas started due to Covid-19. Our lives changed in a snap and have affected a lot of industries, including schools.

Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of children at home or a variety of places other than school. Homeschooling involves a commitment by a parent or guardian to oversees their children’s educational development. There are different methodologies that parents/guardians can use to meet the purpose of their homeschooling.

Top 10 Reasons to homeschool: Advantages of homeschooling

Your “whys” or “Reasons to homeschool should be strong enough to back you up when there is a challenging time in your journey. Bet It will not be easy. So you want to make sure that the foundations are strong enough for you to succeed.

The current pandemic is not my top reason for deciding to homeschool; this is one of the factors, though. We have been planning to homeschool our children for many reasons, even before the lockdown. And these are the reasons that I am going to share with you. The decision of homeschooling will change the lives of our children and your way of life as a family, so there should be enough reason to do it.

1. Improve quality of bonding moments

As I am a working mom, I felt that I am giving very little time to my children. I am so pre-occupied with my work and household chores

Conversation with my son

Me: What is the name of your mommy?

Son: (Thinking….) and finally he said ” I don’t know”

Me: How come you don’t know?

Sone: “Because you did not tell me”

That conversation alone made an impact on me and realized that because I was so busy “doing a lot of things for them,” I forgot “being with them.” So by homeschooling, I will be able to set more moments that we will all enjoy. Creating wonderful learning memories is one of the best reasons for homeschooling.

2. Know your child’s personality better

As children grow, there are different areas in their personalities that change as well. And if we do not pay much attention, our children may feel separate or aloof. Then it will be challenging for us to communicate and reach out to them.

By homeschooling, you will have more opportunities to understand how your child thinks and feels. You can establish a relationship where they can share their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. As your child understand his/her personality, you are present to guide them. There will be a lesser opportunity for bullying and cruelty from the outside environment.

Conversation with my eldest son.

Me: why are you crying?

Son: (thinking and not talking…)

Me: Tell me why so mommy will understand

Son: I am sad when you don’t listen to me, I still want to say something,

but you keep on asking me to sleep.

This conversation made me realize that my son is no longer a small child that you can toss words to. He started to understand he should have the voice in the family.

3.Personalize learning

Each child has a different learning style and capabilities. My 3-year-old son knew how to read without being trained while my eldest found it a bit challenging at reading. However, my eldest son has an excellent ability to build lego and building crafts. As a parent-facilitator, you will be able to customize or personalize your teachings and activities based on the learning capacity or interest of your child where they will benefit greatly

Reasons for homeschooling
Reasons for homeschooling

4. Integrate learning that is important for you using appropriate methodologies/model of your choice.

There are different teaching methodologies that you can use as a parent, depending on what you think is essential for the development of your children. As a parent, you can integrate different teaching methodologies such as Charlotte, Montessori, unschooling or eclectic, and a lot more.

You have the power to decide what methodology you will use to make the learning experience more positive and productive for your children. As for us, we are practical parents, and we want them to learn “life” and not just “books.” That being said, we are in the process of deciding the best model that we are going to use to make the learning more meaningful.

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Homeschooling Methodologies: https://www.homeschool.com/homeschooling-methods/

5. Spiritual/Religious Philosophies

As parents, we aim to improve our spiritual life with our children. We intend that they do not learn only as students but as a family. We would like to share the same belief and practices and get ourselves closer to God. As busy parents, we admit that this is the area that we need to improve, and we are dedicated to learn more about the words of God and how we can apply this to become better people and better parents.

6. Sibling bonding

We would like to strengthen their bonding as siblings and that they will learn how to help each other at all times. That they develop a sense of responsibility and love for each other

7. Mother and Father commitment

Parents should be committed to providing the best education for their children, and that requires commitment. When my husband and I decided to homeschool, it was a shared decision where we committed ourselves as well to share responsibilities in educating our children. It somehow gives a sense of “we are in this together” feeling that also strengthens the relationship as a couple.

8. Practicality

When it comes to practicality, it will depend on what homeschool providers you are going to choose. Tuition fees vary. There are homeschool providers that charge as low as 450$ per student per year inclusive of materials that you need and an online platform. Choosing a homeschool provider is another matter that you need to think about.

How much does it cost for homeschooling program?

Let me show you the breakdown of our homeschool provider that is DepEd (Philippines) Accredited.

DepEd Program-824 $ (3000 QAR)

Assessment fee-112 $ (400 QAR)

Books- around 600 $ ( 2215 QAR)

Estimated total of 1580 $ or 5600 QAR.

Compared to other homeschool providers, this amount is a bit more expensive but still saves us at around 1500$ for the school fee and 1500$ for the transport for each of our children if we will enroll them in a traditional school. So for my 2 sons, I have saved at-least around 6000$ (20,000 QAR) for the school year. Not to add the expenses for events and projects in the school.

9. Flexibility

My son has to wake up at 4:30 am to prepare for school and reaches home at around 4:30 pm or sometimes 5 pm if traffic is worst. The is very little remaining time for the family. I feel as well that he is tired and exhausted after school. Not only is it difficult for the children but also for the working mom like me who needs to wake up at 4 am to get all things ready. It’s terrible and couldn’t imagine doing that again. Plus, the anxiety of whether they will be safe traveling home.

You will be the one to set up your learning moments, whether it is before dinner or while eating dinner on a weekend or in-between days. You can extend or shorten the topics depending on how your children are getting along the subjects. “It’s on you!”

10. Safety during Pandemic

Safety should be the priority, and many would agree that this is enough reason to decide to homeschool our children. For me, it could be a compelling reason but should not only be the reason to choose for homeschooling. Again, this could be a reason, but you need to explore other “whys” to go for homeschooling because homeschooling is a lot more complicated than we think, and we need strong foundations to succeed.

Home-based learning is different from homeschooling. When pandemic started, schools have changed their approach to home-based learning, where the school directs/guides the parents on the lessons. They have an online platform where teachers reach out to students. It is still the school that creates the learning process of your children until such time that restrictions are lifted, and students can go back to traditional school. However, with homeschooling, the primary facilitator is one or both parents. It is the parent-facilitator who plans and manages the lessons for their children. The full responsibility is on the parents though providers are always ready to support notably for starting homeschoolers.

So if a parent is not ready to take full responsibility for the education of their children, then, the pandemic is not enough reason to homeschool.

What you feel as parents deciding to homeschool your children is valid. We don’t want them to get sick, and I think that too. I cannot imagine myself being bound by what the school decides for my children. I am convinced that my decision now will make a big difference. Today I will not worry when will be the start of the class or whether when they will decide to open the school. Today I will be the one to choose for my children, and I will ensure that they are safe.


Whatever your reasons to homeschool are, I am proud of you because we are going to take a challenging yet worthwhile responsibility in educating our children. Every parent would have different beliefs and principles on how education should be delivered. Whatever it is, I believe that every parent only wants the best education for their children. If you decide to homeschool, there should be a strong foundation and the reasons to support your journey to homeschooling. I have listed here the top 10 reasons and advantages of homeschooling:

  1. Improve quality of bonding moments
  2. Know your child’s personality better
  3. Personalize learning
  4. Integrate learning that is important for you using appropriate methodologies/model of your choice.
  5. Improve Spirituality
  6. Sibling bonding
  7. Mother and father commitment
  8. Practicality
  9. Flexibility
  10. Safety in Pandemic

Have you started homeschooling? What are your reasons why you decided to homeschool your children?

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