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Are you still hesitant to start your blog site? If yes, then this may help you decide today.

Finally started blogging! I am Rhai Ignacio

Starting a Blog

Like a lot of people I know, I have wished to start my blog way back to college, but I was not successful in starting due to competing priorities in the past years of my life. Time flies so fast and that we have so little time not to do what we want. So I decided to give it a shot, and so here I am!

I am a total newbie in the blogging world. Still, I decided to write about “starting my first blog in 4 easy steps” to convince and inspire people, especially working moms like me, who are still undecided about starting their blog site. I would like to write how easy it was for me to start after long years of doubting and hesitating. I am sure that there will be challenges ahead, but I will deal with it as I go along and hope to share my experience with you after this “Starting Phase.”

While I am still unsure, “somehow,” on the track that I am going to follow, I am thrilled that I started my website. A lot of people say that the first step is the hardest. So “take that first step now,” and who knows where will it lead you. My goal is to succeed and never regret my decision. No more next time, or when time allows, or when I lose weight, just “yes! now!” Thanks to my friends, family, especially my husband (sponsorship for the gadgets) for supporting and trusting me.


So if you want it and the thoughts of blogging run around your head for a long time, piece of advice. “just start.”

“The best time to start was yesterday, and the next best time is today.”

I have heard this quotation from different bloggers, and I pondered on it, and I was convinced. So I have prepared a simple way to start your blog site, whatever reasons that you have in mind, this will be a great help for you.

Steps to start a blog: 4 Easy Ways

1. Review blogs (Read and Watch)

While I know that writing is my first love, I still needed to read and review blogs about blogging for two reasons. First is to confirm whether I am still really into it and secondly, to know the best way possible. So I did read and review different blogs and youtube posts.

I have copied in the link of my favorite blogger that helped me in starting my site. Their channel covers almost everything that you need to know about starting and making your website successful (disclaimer: I am not related to this channel). For sure, there is so much more on youtube and in different blog sites that you can explore.

Is blogging dead?

Starting a blog in 2020

I am a follower of Ms. Allison and I learned a lot on her youtube channel. Still pondering to enroll in her program. But I love her, you should check her vlogs too.

However, don’t be stacked around just watching and reading forever. When you already had a grasp of the things needed to be done and learned about how you are going to do it, stop right there and start your site. Anyway, you will be going back to checking terms, ways, and strategies as you go along. It is a continuous process and learning.

2. Choose your web host and domain.

ّOne of my hesitations in starting my blog is my not-so-excellent skills in web design and all that stuff about the internet. However, just because i began to, I learned that technology has different ways to make your life easier.

It was easier than I thought, but I have to find the meaning of different terms as I browse the internet. From the reviews that I made, I can say that WordPress ( is the most commonly recommended by almost all the blogs that I have reviewed. I have to agree that there is a learning curve that you need to go through in using WordPress, but there are bountiful resources out there, so don’t worry.

Go to their site, click that link :Start your site” and you are good to go!

A considerable chunk of blog sites and different business platforms use WordPress because of its quality and high-end system support. I was convinced, and so I chose WordPress to start my website. I cannot recommend other hosting sites because, honestly, I did not try them and just based on the reviews that I made. So I went directly to WordPress without second thoughts.

3. Choose your plan

You must have at least some idea on your purpose in starting a website because this is a significant factor in deciding what plan you are going to choose. But don’t worry too much because you can always upgrade it at any time. There are indeed free options in other hosting sites, but the things that you can do and explore are so limited. Again, it depends on your purpose. It could be a good option for starters, especially for personal blogs. I have friends who have been on a free site because they only use this for personal blogs.

For my blog site, I chose a premium plan. I am still starting and exploring the areas that I will have more focus. Maybe sooner, if everything goes well, I will be upgrading my plan linking it to my online store. “Fingers crossed.”

There are four plans that you can choose from in WordPress. WordPress will provide you hosting, domain, and support as you start your journey in blogging.

Although it’s written monthly payment, the full annual fee was deducted from my credit card. Well, that means no Caramel Macchiato from Coffee Bean for me for six months.

4. Install WordPress and Open your website

Yes! After paying, you are ready to sign-in and open your site. I was amazed when I installed WordPress on my Phone and iPad because it was really “easy-to-do.” All you have to do is choose the actions that you want to do. It is like working on your Facebook account. “It was effortless.” However, I still need to use my laptop once in a while because few features are still not available in IOS.

Some themes are already available in the system, and you are good to go. Some plug-ins can make your life easier and will have to access more themes, but you need to upgrade to Business Plan.

At the moment, I am using the “Profile” Theme. Since I am still working on my posts and have not fully utilized the areas of the website, I don’t have plans of changing soon, but there are a lot of options that you can choose from.

I did not detail the process of signing up and writing your domain because it is straightforward. I focused more on these four easy steps that you need to know to start your blog site.

The next big thing that you need to work on is content, and it depends on your purpose and goal. You have to set that in your mind. As for me, it was not easy for me to publish my first blog post and launch my site. It took me some time since I am a working mom and that I also recently decided to enroll my children in homeschooling, which is also making a big chunk of my time at the moment. It is a challenge for me to manage time, but I am happy, and I will continue to do my best for this decision that I made.


You may have billions of reasons why you are not yet starting, but the time is now. In four easy steps, you will be able to start your website. A little bit of review, choosing your hosting site and domain, select the plan suitable for your purpose, install word press, and open your website. That’s it! Then you can already write the things that have been running in your mind. You will never know what is waiting for you until you start.

Today is the best time to be happy and do the things you love doing

-Rhai Ignacio

Have you started your blog site already? Share your experience with us.

2 thoughts on “Starting a blog in 4 easy steps

  1. It’s really easy to start a blog nowadays compared to how it was back then but I just have to share a little bit from my end in addition to this post that starting in the wrong platform with a long term goals in the blogging industry might not be a good idea. I agree that WordPress is highly recommended for beginners. But then again, one should know before actually doing these steps that WordPress has two different platforms. A free blog, yet has an upgradable plan with and a self-hosted site and a domain with 🙂

    1. Yes, you are right. Thank you for the comment. I am pondering on that too since self hosted sites have really benefits especially when it comes to affiliates.

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